This page lists many presentations in reverse chronological order.


A hybrid GraphBLAS in C++11: specification, design, implementation, and performance


During these years I was not updating this website regularly. I may get around to putting some slides online later.


Generalised vectorisation for sparse matrix–vector multiplication
Automatic deployment of parallel algorithms
Towards a highly scalable Multi-BSP fast Fourier transformation


Shared-memory parallel sparse matrix–vector multiplication
Towards a highly scalable Multi-BSP fast Fourier transformation
Space-filling curves in sparse matrix–vector multiplication
MulticoreBSP for C: a high-performance library for shared-memory parallel programming


High-level strategies for parallel shared-memory sparse matrix–vector multiplication
Efficient sparse matrix–vector multiplication
Stratagies for Shared-Memory Parallel Sparse Matrix–Vector Multiplication
(15th of February, SIAM Parallel Processing 2012 poster session, Savannah, GA, USA)


Lecture on Bulk Synchronous Parallel and shared-memory programming
(28th of October, one lecture in the Parallel Computing course, KU Leuven)
Thesis presentation: Matrix reordering & parallelism
(22nd of September, Staff colloquium, Dept. of Mathematics, Utrecht University)
Fast sparse matrix–vector multiplication by partitioning and reordering
(8th of June, Intel ExaScience Lab, Leuven, Belgium)
Contributed lecture on Cache-oblivious sparse matrix–vector multiplication
(21st of May, Fifth SIAM Workshop on Combinatorial Scientific Computing)


Reordering sparse matrices for cache-oblivious computations
Guest lecture on BSP and cache-oblivious SpMV multiplication
(19th of May, at the University of Basel, Switserland, as a guest of Olaf Schenk and Madan Sathe)
Build-up of the Scientific Computing research masters programme at Utrecht University
(10th of May, Utrecht University, NL) For further information, contact Rob Bisseling.
Cache-Oblivious SpMVs and a shared-memory parallel programming model
(9th of March, Tsukuba University, Japan; as a guest of Mitsuhisa Sato)
Reordering Sparse Matrices for Cache-Oblivious Computations
(26th of February, at SIAM Parallel Processing 2010, Seattle, US) This talk was given as part of the Minisymposium "Combinatorial Issues in Parallel Sparse Matrix Computations" (MS60), organised by Michael Wolf and Erik Boman from Sandia National Laboratories. It was also given at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) as a guest of John Gilbert.
Parallel Computing -- the Why and the How
(17th of February, Utrecht University, NL) A very general talk given as part of the Utrecht mathematics PhD colloquium.


Cache-oblivious sparse matrix-vector multiplication
(3rd of April, Utrecht University, NL) Given as part of the Utrecht Numerical Mathematics Colloquium.
Poster presentation: cache-oblivious matrix reordering
(February 1-6, Dagstuhl Seminar on Combinatorial Scientific Computing, Schloss Dagstuhl, DE)
See also the poster presentation on the 9th of October, 2008.


FFT: the math of MP3 and CAT-scan
(in Dutch-- this was a `masterclass' for Dutch high-school students in their last or before-last year, at Utrecht University, NL)
Poster presentation: cache-oblivious sparse matrix-vector multiplication
(9th of October, WSC Thirty-third Woudschoten Conference, Zeist, NL)
Poster presentation: cache-oblivious matrix reordering
(12th of March, SIAM PP08 Conference, Atlanta, USA) Three days later, a tornado struck within walking distance from the conference hotel (the only thing we noticed though, was a short power failure).


The R-tree Project: Achievements and future plans
(4th of December, SIMMOD meeting Alten Netherlands) See also the Sourceforge project site.
Master's thesis presentation: R-Trees: an efficient structure for spatial data management
(19th of October, numerical mathematics colloquium, Utrecht University, NL)
Introductory presentation
(27th of September, staff colloquium, Utrecht University, NL)