Short biography

Albert-Jan Nicholas Yzelman was born in Zevenaar, the Netherlands. He was raised in Duiven, and after obtaining his Atheneum diploma there in 2002, he started his scientific career at Utrecht University. By 2007, he graduated with a B.Sc. in both Mathematics and Computing Sciences, and a M.Sc. in Scientific Computing; his final internship involved researching R-trees in application to oil reservoir simulation software, done in collaboration with Alten Nederland and Shell.

Later, he received his PhD from Utrecht University in 2011 for his thesis `Fast sparse matrix-vector multiplication by partitioning and reordering', written under supervision of Prof. dr. Rob H. Bisseling. Afterwards, Albert-Jan moved to Leuven, Belgium, to work at KU Leuven, first within the Flanders ExaScience Laboratory, and later within the ExaScience Life HPC Lab. These labs were collaborations between Flemish universities, Intel, and (later) Johnson & Johnson.

Recently, Albert-Jan moved to Paris to pursue a career at Huawei Technologies. There, he continues his research on parallel computing within a newly set-up research group head by Prof. Bill McColl.