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ALP User Documentation

The Algebraic Programming (ALP) project is a modern and humble C++ programming framework that achieves scalable and high performance.

With ALP, programmers are encouraged to express programs using algebraic concepts directly. ALP is a humble programming model in that it hides all optimisations pertaining to parallelisation, vectorisation, and other complexities with programming large-scale and heterogeneous systems.

ALP presently exposes the following interfaces:

  1. generalised sparse linear algebra, ALP/GraphBLAS;
  2. vertex-centric programming, ALP/Pregel.

Several other programming interfaces are under design at present.

For authors who contributed to ALP, please see the NOTICE file.


A. N. Yzelman, Huawei Technologies France (2016-2020)
A. N. Yzelman, Huawei Technologies Switzerland AG (2020-current)